As the internet’s trusted source for label products, Online Labels experienced unprecedented demand during the onset of COVID-19 and leveraged Google Ads to efficiently reach tens of thousands of new customers. However, by the end of 2020 its Google Ads performance had begun to regress, with sales volume and profitability from Paid Search declining for non-branded queries. Online Labels acknowledged a need to revamp its Paid Search strategy, and in Q4 2021 brought on Tiger Tracks to oversee management of its Google Ads account of over 18,000 keywords, 15,000 ads, and 11,000 products.

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The Tiger Tracks team boosted the profitability of our non-branded search campaigns by 151% in the first few months, and set new overall ad revenue records shortly after.

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Steven Leung

Director of Marketing, Online Labels

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Tiger Tracks and Online Labels kicked off with a series of pre-launch strategy meetings across topics including product differentiation, competitive landscape, and conversion tracking setup. From there, during goal-alignment sessions between TT and OL leadership, two key Google Ads KPIs were defined as primary objectives for the partnership: revenue growth and profit uplift produced - whereby profit would be defined as ads-driven revenue minus ad spend. As such, TT began developing a two-pronged campaign approach aimed at executing against each goal. 

With a focus on revenue growth, the team dedicated itself to thorough industry research and search-term analysis in order to expand OL’s keyword targeting. Doing so broadened the scope of relevant impressions available and therefore the volume of relevant clicks captured by OL. At the same time, bolstering the account’s profit meant eliminating wasted spend while improving campaign efficiency by optimizing the conversion rate from click-to-purchase. To accomplish this the TT team leveraged advanced automated bidding from Google, developed new ad copy to increase relevance, and uploaded custom audiences to target within the account.


Within 30 days of launching, monthly profit across Tiger Tracks managed campaigns grew by +52%. After 90 days, monthly profit had grown by +151% with monthly revenue up by +42%. Relatedly, since launch the average CTR is up +41% while the average revenue per conversion is up +37%. These are exciting signals of more effective targeting leading to greater click volume and higher-value customers. 

With performance continuing to rise month-over-month across both key objectives, TT and OL are working to implement more advanced strategies including customer-lifecycle tracking, LTV based bidding, and product-segment remarketing.